Issue on publishing FREE Limited UGC on a Roblox Group

As in this picture, the correct amount of Robux that need to be paid is 7,000 Robux instead of 20,000.
This is a hat accessory, 350 stocks, FREE and resellable.

Please also kindly look at this video:

My Roblox group ID: 33282012

Expected behavior

I’d be able to publish the item and pay only 7,000 Robux. (This item is already uploaded)

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Just reached out to the team! We’ll get back to you when we have an update.

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Hey KinnyBloxy,

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!

There’s a bug here where you shouldn’t be able to select this item as Limited since its been put on sale as a non-limited before in the past. We’re looking into a fix for this, but this bug is causing the separate issue you’re seeing where the Robux fee is showing incorrectly.

If you tried to go through with this publish, even with the correct fee, it will give you an error that you cannot put this on sale as Limited since it was already published before.


Hello MisterPebbles,

Thanks for the reply. What should I do in this situation? Is there anything I can do now?
I mean to publish all of my UGC-limited items tomorrow.



You’ll need to re-upload this asset in order to publish it as a Limited.


Alright, thank you.

But I think it isn’t possible to re-upload the asset with the same model and texture.
Could you possibly remove the following item?

The Item ID: 16994842690

The ones in the picture has already been fixed.

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