Issue regarding the Performance Keychain (Participation DevRel Prize)

The keychain is weirdly positioned under the leg that it’s not visible in R15 on blocky avatars
and in R6 it’s also weirdly positioned but you can still see it but not as much

Wearing the keychain in R15:

Wearing the keychain in R6:

I’ve managed to correctly get it to the correct position in blender to better suit blocky avatars.

If any Roblox admins see’s this I hope that they can correctly fix it because if anyone uses blocky avatars this won’t show when they equip it

The item link can be found here if anyone wants to check it for themselves:

This is meant to be under #bug-reports , but I’m pretty sure it was intended for the Robloxian 2.0 - Roblox or ROBLOX Boy - Roblox or Rthro

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My bad and yeah it is made only for those bundles I just checked so thanks for letting me know

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