Issue Scaling Parts

Hello fellow builders,

Problem: I’ve been experiencing an issue that I can’t seem to correct. This issue involves scaling parts. All of a sudden, I cannot scale parts or move them properly.

For example, when I attempt to scale a part, it will not move, and a yellow outline appears around the part, rather than a blue one. (Pictured Below)

When I attempt to move a part, I can only move it a few studs before it stops moving automatically.

Please let me know if there is a simple fix for this, or just something that I accidentally clicked :joy:

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oh it’s because the part can’t scale anymore further than that, you can change your scaling increment smaller

Unfortunately that’s not the root cause, though I wish it was that simple!

The part doesn’t move no matter how you scale it, up or down, longer or shorter, wider or thinner.

Check if Collisions is on. If it is, turn it off. It may be the reason why you can’t resize them properly.



Easy fix! Thanks so much, I had a feeling I accidentally clicked something I shouldn’t have.

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