Issue when joining game - void for about 30s

Hi, when joining my game, on occasion, you’ll be put in a void and it’ll take 30s to load and spawn in.
This happens to everyone who plays, it just takes a while to load in.

It’s not an intensive game or anything, just a small map, not sure why this happens.
It doesn’t happen all the time, maybe 1/9 times it’ll occur. Every other time it spawns in instantly.

There is no code that would suggest why this happens.

If anyone has had this previously and has fixed it, or knows anything please let me know!


This might be because you game doesn’t have any servers so it generates a server and sometimes it might take a while


I think that’s usually what the “Waiting for available server. Retrying (10).” loading screen message usually is for, I think this is different.

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Well i dont really know since i’ve never seen such a weird phenomenon like that

Do you have Player.CharacterAutoLoads turned off?

No, it’s turned on in the Players group.

Is StreamingEnabled on? (Sorry for asking all these questions, I just need some details)

Streaming is not enabled due to the lack of need for it as we have such a small map.

Hi, it just happened right now, not sure if this helps but here is a screenshot.
As you can see some of the UI loads (the admin popups), but still in a void.

That’s definitly hd rendering problems im prob sure thats isn’t roblox

You’re correct, it isn’t, it could be due to too big textures and internet bandwidth, could you please do a speedtest on @shlexr and send the results here (don’t forget to hide your IP address and provider!!)

My internet speed is sufficient @ 26mbps ish.
Reminding you that this happens to others too, so I dont think it’s an issue with textures or bandwidth. (as there are few textures or images)

Ive seen this issue occur on many popular games. If it were fixable, im sure it would’ve been fixed. I may or may not be correct but i think this could be an issue on roblox’s end.