Issue while building a lobby

Hi, developers!

I have met with an issue where I tried to build a lobby for my game, there’s one Part that might have the issue.

In this photo, I tried to make the part taller, but the Studio won’t let me.

It just makes it bigger, and I don’t know what’s the issue, any help would be appreciated!


Is the parted unioned or in a model?

It says that the part is union.

Press right click on the union then press “separate”.

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Thank you so much, glad there are people who help each other!

Try building with F3X, less option but way easier!

Hi, what is F3X? Never heard of it before…

It’s what I use and with it I’ve made things like this:

F3X wasnt used for the bocks and trees!


It’s on the front page of plugins I think! You can watch tutorials on how to use it on youtube!

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Wow! Your building is amazing, thank you for suggesting me that plugin! Hopefully it will be easier to build games in future! :slight_smile: