Issue with animation playing


Report from another roblox developer, if you could provide any support it would be appreciated.

Hello, I have found out that when the game is owned by a player the animations GUI will work in-game. However, when the animations GUI is owned by a group, they do not work and your character leg movement and arm movement freezes rather than playing the animation. Is there any possible fix your aware of for this?

Thank you.

This depends on who owns the game and the group.
If you own the game, the animations will play in that game.
If you own the group; or have developer access then the animations will play like I said.

It’s all apart of Roblox’s restrictions.

Group has animations and game.

Animation priorities?
Animation priorities are basically the levels/orders of animations. If it is action, it will override other animations. If below, probably that.

Otherwise, are you SURE that the animations are uploaded to the group and the game is shared by the group?

Yes and it’s only one animation running.