Issue with attachments and sleeping parts [Fixed]

So whats going on in the video is the part is awake when its highlighted and it reacts to the rope constraint, when it goes to ‘sleep’ then you try to over-constrain the rope and the part doesn’t react.


Sounds like a bug to me, if the part’s attachment constraint becomes over-constrained it should un-sleep.

Sleepy parts are one of the reasons I haven’t done a train sim game yet. The only way to unsleep is to throw in some hacks.

Yes sleeping is a major issue within physics. We are thinking about solutions for this problem.

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Is there any updates on this issue?

Another bump to this problem. Curious if any solutions are being worked on.

I’m working on a game and sleeping parts may become a huge problem for me. Are there any updates on this?

Old post I know, but I can’t reproduce this. Can you verify if this is fixed for you?

Definitely fixed. I and a friend both tried replicating the issue without success.
I wonder what update fixed this?
Great nonetheless!

Great! Probably the rewrite of the contact pipeline and wake system that happened within the past year. We’ve got more sleep-related fixes coming soon too.

We’ve been particularly sensitive to sleep related issues and other issues that manifest in similar ways. We know they’re pain points for a lot of devs. Physics system reliability is supper important to us. Sleep in particular should be invisible.


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