Issue With Bone Rigging a Pentagon

I’m trying to make a bone-rigged pentagon for a radar chart but am running into an issue where one of the points will move the center vertex when it is moved (as seen below). I’ve been trying to fix this for about an hour now and am having no luck, does anyone know a better way to do this or how I can maybe fix the issue?

The Issue (with Point E):

The Mesh:

The Armature:

If anybody wants to see the mesh itself, here: Pentagon.blend (834.4 KB)

now, i’ve never exactly messed with rigging bones in blender, though i think you’ve rigged it the opposite way

the spherical thing on the bone is supposed to represent the original point, and the sharp represents where it’s going towards
from the picture i’m pretty sure you rigged it wrong, so that kind of means you needed to select the outside points first, then the middle

Do you mean something like this?

now i’m unsure where’s that going but yeah, something like that

It appears to be running into the same issue that the original did when imported into studio

huh, weird, with the plugin, right?

If you mean the one included in Studio yeah

wait, what?
i was thinking of the blender importing plugin made by somebody, which imports blender bones properly, same with animations

huh, there’s a community made plugin for that? Do you think you could get me the link for it?

i’ll try to, if you don’t mind this might take a bit

yeah idm waiting at all, thank you

… wait hold on i think i got something wrong here, i think?
the plugin says that it Exports roblox rigs to blender, and corrects it, but it Imports animations from blender
that’s an oopsie, sorry

ah, no worries. as for the bone rig I’ll probably try some more methods of doing it tomorrow until I get it down. thank you for your time, though :+1:

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oh, one more thing, what method are you using to make the points move?
(Just in case i don’t repeat something you’ve already used)

I was testing the movement in Studio by just moving them but I have a script written to move the bones independently. I was going to use the KeyframeSequenceProvider originally but found out it only works in Studio

in my case i was thinking of using meshdeform, though i’m not sure it’ll work since i’ve only seen them in ragdolls or animations, which can create interesting curves or so

Update, I figured out a way to fix the issue I was having tonight. I gave the center point its own bone and it seemed to do the trick (as seen below).