Issue with CFrame positioning with handles/swords

Hello Devforum, I’m currently using a combat system from this video:

and attempting to convert it to R6, but the issue is, my character always turns out like this when i load into the game:

I know it has something to do with this function in the script, but i don’t have too much knowledge on CFrames so i’m not sure where this occurs:

local function setUp(char)
	local handle = fx.Handle:Clone()
	handle.Parent = char
	local m6d ="Motor6D", handle)
	m6d.Part0 = char["Right Arm"]
	m6d.Part1 = handle
	m6d.C1 =,.125,0)
	local model = fx.MeshPart:Clone()
	model.Parent = workspace.Fx
	local weld ="Weld", model)
	weld.Part0 = handle
	weld.Part1 = model
	weld.C1 =,-2.2,0) * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(90),0,0)

any ideas?

The original video shows an R15 rig, so I would guess that the Motor6D was assigned to the RightHand, which you changed to RightArm. The trouble you have is the position of the sword is now at the centre point of the arm, rather than the hand.

You will need to offset the weapon to fix this. You could try changing the values for the weld.C1 CFrame to position it lower down the arm.

i’ve tried that already, i just don’t know what to change, could you give me a rough estimate?

nevermind i got it, thank you!