Issue with clicks on BillboardGui on touch device

Hello Robloxians, :wave:

I’m having some problems with a BillboardGui.
I don’t have any errors but when I click, it doesn’t work…
And sometimes I turn the camera and I get a click when I’m about 50 studs from the BillboardGui adornee (which is, in this case, the head of Mark).

It works perfectly on a desktop.






BUI's Properties

local function Click()
	-- Do something

PlayerGui.BUI["Estate Agency Receptionist"].Dialog.InputEnded:Connect(function(Input)
	if Input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then
PlayerGui.BUI["Estate Agency Receptionist"].Dialog.TouchTap:Connect(Click)

Don’t hesitate to ask me for more informations :pleading_face:

Please help me :sob:

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Hi, what are you trying to make with the GUI?

Your click function doesn’t seem to do anything

For the script, I don’t think there’s something called TouchTap. How about replacing it with MouseButton1Click.

Or did you try that already. If so, sorry for wasting your time trying the same thing.

There is, it’s for mobile or devices which can use touch

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But TouchTap doesn’t work (I click on it, it doesn’t work and when I click elsewhere to turn the camera, it works but I didn’t click on the BillboardGui)

You take me for a stupid :unamused: it does something but it’s useless to mark it