Issue with CreatePlaceAsync

I know there’s a bunch of topics about this but none of them have resolved my issue. I need to use CreatePlaceAsync for a project and instead of doing it directly in the project first, I’ve decided to do it in a new place.

I’ve enabled all the copying settings and stuff in the place and I’m getting the error:

Game:CreatePlace received and error: HTTP 403 (Forbidden)

API and HTTP Requests for the game are enabled along with the settings listed above

(Don’t mind me using my alt account, it’s just convenient right now)

I had the same error with teleport service but It was only in studio, try activating it in regular gameplay not studio.

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There’s no error in the console when I’m actually playing the game. Yep this technically is the solution. But now I’m stuck with trying to get the place into the players’ inventory.

Because AssetService:CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync was removed

What do you mean by player’s inventory, a game feature or the player’s Roblox inventory?

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Roblox’s player inventory. The method has been removed so I’m in limbo atm

createPlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync has been removed as of Release 471

I don’t know how you would do that, I’m sorry.

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It’s alright, you resolved my original question. Thanks!

I don’t think making another post would be beneficial so I’ll just leave it at that

EDIT: nevermind

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