Issue with detail

Basically, my issue is that I don’t know what detail to add, any suggestions?
Also, that thing on top of the table is where im gonna add a spinny rod for fun.
I am going for a sci-fi table that im gonna put in a lobby, which will be a mall. Ik it sounds weird. The mall shops are gonna be maps you can enter for a TDS game (tower defense simulator).
Also, this is my first topic / post on the forum, so please ignore my bad explanation of my situation. thanks!
Edit: forgot to put the pictures in the topic so i put it in a reply.


That depends Sci-Fi tables are mostly more detailed if your going for a basic or simplistic approach, you should either make the top area have a hologram on it and add areas of neon or make it have that sort of reflection on it. Most sci-fi items feature proper materials such as metal and glass in certain parts of it etc.

You should consider having a reference image by your side that way it’ll help you with adding those important details. If you are going for something basic nothing to complex to create, I highly recommend adding a metal material to it rather then diamond plate. It kind of doesn’t look like a Sci-fi table as it the materials are switched up a lot and are overall over the place.

Using images will help with adding details to have a more improved look.


Maybe try looking at Google for references.

Think of it as this way, ‘what kind of design could I put on it?’ Which by that I mean could you add a design, either lines or more textures? Maybe add a control panel, or a fuse box. You have to think outside and inside the box for what could go in certain places, what would a futuristic thing need?

Btw try cutting off the blocks corners for a better looking, it will make the parts looks more polished and try the new Smoothing Angle, unless you don’t want heavier files.
Like This:

Thanks for the suggestions! I will try to implement these ideas from all of you, from fuse box to changing material. I’ll update y’all on the table once I think it looks better and you guys can rate it 1-10. Again, thanks a lot guys!