Issue with enlarging gui on hover

So I have when my gui button enlarges it doesnt enlarge in place but moves to the size also why does it show that the button is on the right and not on the actual button?

Video: Issue - YouTube

Well when you size something up, it doesnt just change the size, it also changes the position

Try maybe messing with the AnchorPoint property?

It’s probably better if you show us snippets of your code.

But, it sounds like you’re tweening the position and not size.

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Sorry file was too big uploading to yt

Heres the video Issue - YouTube

Yeah did you not read my reply?

I told you that it also changes the position when you change the size, mess around with the anchor point

Or just see where you want it and copy the size and position then tween those values

Set the AnchorPoint of the button to 0.5, 0.5, and set it’s Positon to { 0.5, 0}, { 0.75, 0 }. Or set the scale y position to match what is it currently.

Just set the anchor point to be the center of the UI element

the anchor point doesnt seem to change

yes, 0.5, 0.5 is the center of the element

What do you mean you should be able to change the values

Is the anchor point at .5, .5 ?

When I tested it out the only thing that changed was size not even position

If I set the anchor point to something will it change the actual position

Set your AnchorPoint to 0.5, 0.5 so it locks in the center.

Does it change the actual position? What is anchor point altogether

AnchorPoint is where the frame’s position locks in 2D space.

What is it used for? Like only button effects?

It’s used for UI design and aligning stuff correctly.
In your video, your anchorpoint is 0, 0. This is why it moves offset.

Wdym correctly so should every single gui have the anchor point .5,.5? Like even my main holder ui