Issue with Fast Travel Points checking to see if they're discovered by the player

So I’m trying to create discoverable fast travel points for a game I’m working on. The player interacts with the statue, the statue checks datastore to see if they’ve found it or not, and then does dialogue accordingly. The issue with this however is it puts a tremendous strain on the datastore as there’s a long loading time for the data. Is there any way I could store a table somewhere so that I can access it without having to load the datastore? Only for saving it if it gets discovered?

Yes, you can. Using tables isn’t very difficult. What have you tried so far?

I just tried using a Bindable Event to transfer the data from the serverscript that handles data to a script in the player to store their specific data, but the issue with that is that I can’t find a reliable way to do this without sending the data to all characters. I’m wondering if I can store the table or a list of the discovered fast travel points in the server under the player’s object

Update, I’m trying to find a way to store the datas of all the players in one server inside of a table inside of the main data handler script. When data needs to be sent or or received, I’ll use a bindablefunction to do so. The issue here though is that I’m not sure how I would make an index as the player’s name so I can grab and send the data easily. Is there any way I can create and name a new index in a table?

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