Issue with friends not showing on Roblox website

For the past week I have this issue where the friend list on Roblox doesn’t load on the website and I have no idea why this happens.

My internet connection hits at least 500mbps so it’s definitely not an internet problem.

It happens on the Home page & the Profile page.

Not sure if this is specifically an issue on my end or a Roblox website issue.

Can you try using a different browser, clearing cookies, or disabling extensions?

I used the same browser “chrome” just another profile and it worked on a different account.

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This could be Roblox’s issue, however I do know that some browsers don’t work very well with the website, for example Firefox.

Try reinstalling Chrome and seeing what happens. Additionally it could be a extension affecting Roblox.

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This also happened to me for ~1 week, and it seemed to be a Google Chrome specific issue. I was able to fix this by clearing my cookies.

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