Issue with game description

  1. I’ve been trying to set my game description so that it could rank in metastable searches.
  2. It keeps saying my description is inappropriate, yet nothing seems inappropriate about it.
  3. I’ve tried going one by one, and it seems that the “premium benefits” section of my description and my “game saves” is filtered, but I don’t know how I would bypass it?
Game description

–Description–Fight off zombies, invade enemy clans, collect and upgrade your weapons, complete quests, and so much more!
–Premium Benefits–
Premium users currently get 10 times the amount of playtime gold!
There is currently only one game mode(normal), but we are planning to add more game modes soon. Note: All save data is specific to that game mode.
Currently, only gold, game passes, and tools save. Quest progress is deleted when you leave, what team your on doesn’t save, and vehicles you spawn don’t save.
–DevForum Links–

It didn’t say it was inappropriate for me, did you leave some of the description out?

Nope, I put that exact description in.

Now that I think about it, I have had problems with the Roblox filter randomly rejecting me, so it might be a bug. I’ll contact Roblox support and see what they can do. Thanks for letting me know you can set your desc to it.