Issue with game pass gear

Hey developers I have an little issue.

I can’t script but I need this script that if a user have a game pass give gear to that user.

I have been searching in the toolbox for hours now and I just found most of them either don’t work or they have back doors and don’t work on them.

If someone able to find a working one for me that would be great.

Also one more question I am looking for a game pass chat tag script if that possible if anyone able to provide me with more details do let me know.

If this is the wrong channel let me know.

Have you tried this video? It worked for me.

READ: This topic should be in scripting support btw.

I will not tell you how gamepasses work, it would simply make this into a very long reply. However, if you are looking for how to create one yourself (It’s a lot of code but it is easy to learn). Look no further. I have provided a resource made by the TheDevKing on what is gamepasses and how to create one, especially in your situation.

Thanks but I wouldn’t want a gui on my game just an item giver.

Thanks I seen the video and I don’t see it working on his video.