Issue with if statement not checking if a text label has X amount of text inside

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  2. What is the issue? My if statement that checks this is not working correctly

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I tried debugging and the script is still broken

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function MathHandler()
	for i,v in pairs(MathFolder:GetChildren()) do
		if v:IsA("TextButton") then
				local OldText = #InputDisplay.Text
				OldText = InputDisplay.Text .. v.Text
				if OldText >=2 and not NumButtonsFolder then
				print("user added more than one sign")

Hello so i got a strange problem that is happening where my script will not check the text imputed into a text label and instead won’t even run the if statement why is this happening?

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What is the old text variable?

OldText = InputDisplay.Text .. v.Text

Try replacing that with:

if #OldText:split() >=2 and not NumButtonsFolder then

The Spilt function clones the Number Mutiple times that’s what was happening to me in my case when i tired it

old text is a string and you are comparing it with an integer, you need to do oldtext.length or something i believe

You do know that #string is the same as #string:split()

Also why are you literally defining the variable as a number but then redefining it as a concatenated string

Update i have found the issue and it is this

if OldText >=2 and not NumButtonsFolder then

if i remove the and NumbuttonsFolder it works perfectly but the moment i put that not in it just messes up why does that happen?