Issue With Loading A Character From A Start Screen

So, I Am Having An Issue With Loading A Character After The Game Is Completely Set Up. But For Some Reason, It Gives Me The Error Of ‘attempt to concatenate nil with string’ Even Though I Only Have One String Value. This Is Being Used On Client-Side, Through A RemoteFunction To Server, But It Seems Like It Should Work.

script is needed here so pls send it

script I use to call it:


is that the whole script or the error line?

Concatenate is basically to join two strings for example:
workspace:FindFirstChild(“Key” … number)

Yes, but I have nothing but “LoadCharacter” being sent in that line, which is what errors.

Could It possibly be the Player that is automatically sent with invoking/firing the server?

I dont think so cuz the error tells that you are trying to concantenate a non existing object with a string

Try adding a :WaitForChild() for the event

That worked apparently. Thanks for the help.

np, when using events from client you have to wait for the remotes to load