Issue With Mesh Physics Data

Failed to load mesh physics data: Decomp data has no children

Upon loading the game either in studio or in game, this error pops up; I know it’s a mesh part somewhere on my very large map but I’m unable to pin point what specific instance causes this or if there’s a fix on my end, I’ve tried asset querying and looping through things but alas I’m not sure if there’s a readable property that’ll let me figure this out.

This error has been bugging me for weeks and spams the client console upon start up (once the map loads in), I’ve tried looking up the error but there’s no related posts, after asking some other developer friends who have also had this (on a much bigger scale with more errors) it seems like there might not be a fix? If any one knows how to fix this or pin point what exact instance is causing this I would very much appreciate the help, thank you :smiley: