Issue with Model Grouping


Hello there! So, recently I have experienced issues with grouping models. I am using my previous tactics which worked, but I am wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem. This occurs in not being able to efficiently create models and/or only having the body of a weapon and then not being able to add animations to the model. I am wondering what the solution to this problem is, and if a new update is stopping this.


I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to be more specific. The most I can interpret is that you group a weapon model and then can’t insert an animation object. If this is the problem, use the advanced objects menu.

Someone reply with the keyboard shortcut lol


So essentially you’re able to create the model, but the animation for your model is broken?

Perhaps it’s because of the difference in the R6 and R15 that causes your weapon to break in terms of animations?


Thank you. I’ll try forcing R6.