Issue with Motor6D Melee Weapon

Hello, I’ve made a simple katana that when you slashes, the player and the katana does an animation, THIS IS THE SCRIPT:

-- Variables

local Tool = script.Parent
local Handle = Tool:WaitForChild("Handle")

local Debounce = false
local PlayersHit = {}

local Player = Tool.Parent.Parent
local Char = Player.Character

-- Animate

	if Debounce == false then
		local Motor6D ="Motor6D",Char.HumanoidRootPart)
		Motor6D.Name = "Katana"
		Motor6D.Part0 = Char.HumanoidRootPart
		Motor6D.Part1 = Tool.Handle

		local Anim = script.Slash
		local AnimTrack = Char.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Anim)
		Debounce = false


AND, for some reason, the slashes go to the left hand instead of the right, which in the animator editor, the dummy and the katana got perfectly animated.

I’ve tried another solution, which is Headstackk’s topic on how to animate Tool Parts (source: How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)), in this one, there is a server script on ServerScriptService, a localscript on the tool, and 2 remote events in ReplicatedStorage. And it was still the same results as the images.

I’ve tried a final solution which is to make a fake handle, by attaching to the handle with Motor6D, maybe it would work? And… not at all, still the same results.

I really do not understand what’s happening there.

I don’t get why you added a motor6d?? The katana should automatically get on your hand once it’s named Handle

Without Motor6D you can’t do something like this:

I’ve made a fault since the beginning when I animated, the handle was named “handle”, which you should NOT name.
I had to redo the animation with another name than “Handle” and it works perfectly :slight_smile: