Issue with my reset button

  1. What do you want to achieve? So i am making my reset button but for some reason i can not figure out why the close button is not closing the gui. and nothing is shown on the dev log

  2. What is the issue? the no button is not closing the gui

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? i have tried changing the scripts so far i can think of but i seem to have no solutions i am probably just really tired

local Frame = script.Parent.Parent.ResetFrame
local Button = script.Parent

	if Frame.Visible == true then
		Frame.Visible = false 
		Frame.Visible = true


local Frame = script.Parent.Parent.ResetFrame
local Button = script.Parent

    Frame.Visible = not Frame.Visible

if you want it when you click change “.Activated” to “.MouseButton1Click” or “.MouseButton1Down”

Activated isn’t thread safe

Hey just entered the code into the script and the No ICON still seems to be broken.

I edited my reply, you can look again

the “Frame.Visible = not Frame.Visible” part basically makes the Boolean it’s opposite
if Frame.Visible is true then it turns into false, so goes with the other way

just don’t use Activated for the clicking

I just looked at the edited message and it still is not working? do you have anymore soulutions?

did you even read my comments under that script…

You would use MouseButton1Click or MouseButton1Down

yea that’s exactly what I said

Sorry i miss read that i am really sorry on that i am just exhusted from today…

Sorry i never read your message.

I never said you couldn’t comment that, I was agreeing with you

Hello i just changed it to ".Mousebutton1Click seems nothing has changed. i have now looked into the No gui and script as i forgot to mention this and it displays this

script.Parent.Parent.Visible = false



can i see the full script so i can see what is wrong with ti?

note this won’t fix your problem
but change connect to Connect, connect is deprecated

Sure thing here are the screenshots.

This is the script for button no

For button yes which seems to be working

and main local script


Remove the () Next to Connect. for the first image

The script now no longer runs printing this error.

with script

function Click()

script.Parent.Parent.Visible = false



It should be script.parent.Mouse1ButtonClick:Connect(Click)

Also change it to local function

i did that and it still seems not to be working

on line 4 : script.parent.Mouse1ButtonClick:Connect(Click)

I think you have to put a local script in the screen gui (resetstage)
and in the script put this:
local frame = script.Parent.ResetFrame
local no = — ( rename the text button to: no)
local reset = script.Parent.Reset
frame.Visible = false
reset.Visible = false