Issue with opening Moon 2 save file

I’m having issues with opening a save in moon animator.
I’m either not understanding something, or I broke something.
(Sorry if I’m just being dumb I’m trying to learn how this plugin works lol)

I have seen people easily just click/double click on an animation and load it, but for some reason when I do the same it doesn’t open the timeline or anything, it just moves the camera to what would be the starting position in the animation. Video showcasing what I mean:

I thought I was just being dumb at first, and to be honest I still think I’m just doing something wrong, and ive looked everywhere to find out why I cant just load a save which is most obviously in serverstorage. Ive tried selecting everything needed in the animation, restarting both studio and my computer, but to no avail.

I used a few different rigs and modes, along with the camera and a colorcorrectioneffect, to give an idea, but yeah if anyone can tell me if I’m dumb and what I should properly do it would be much appreciated <3


can you send the animation file?

does your moon animator also do this to all animations?
try creating a new one

and are there any errors in the output?

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I’ve tested it with another animation and it seems to work just fine.
I have now realized that there is indeed an error:

Ive checked to make sure all of my objects are there and I’m not sure what the error is referring to.

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I didn’t use this plugin yet, since I didn’t have this Issue, so I don’t know if this works but It should get backups of older animations.

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its good that i got the fix… You need to create a new moon 2 file then add every thing u added in ur bugged moon 2 file like rigs, tools, etc… in order [just like how u added them in ur previous moon 2 file] then go to server storage in ur previous moon 2 file and copy all folders inside of ur previous moon 2 file [examples : 1, 2, 3, 4…] then paste them into ur new moon 2 file . And Done Thats It!!! Hope u enjoy bringing ur previous bugged file back alive :sweat_smile:

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