Issue with rendering in game

I have this issue when I open the game or run the game. It is not a weird lighting thing and I think it is an issue with rendering. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? (I would prefer to not reload my place because studio takes like 5 minutes to start the game)


Pretty sure it won’t work but try going into the File > Studio Settings > Rendering and set Editor Quality Level to 21

I don’t recommend doing this if you have a lot of shades, water terrain, and other things, especially if you have a low-end graphic card.

Judging by how it takes 10 minutes to start up the place, I think you have an incompatible device. It’s also not an issue, it’s trying to render the scene. This happens when you make a GFX, but if it happens in studio, you have to get a new device.

I figured out the issue, the new window system seems to have broken “Future” lighting mode and if I resize it, the rendering breaks. I fixed it by changing it to “Compatibility” or “ShadowMap”. To fix this I just restarted studio and I do not have this issue in game.