Issue with replicating animations on multiple weapons, Motor6D acts unconsistently

Hello, I have produced some R6 sword animations and I am trying to replicate and use the same ones for multiple weapon models, but here im having some issues.

I am taking the exact Motor6D and simply just replacing the Rig and Weapon Model, but im getting different results.
Motor6D Properties:

When I animated this Katana, I used the Motor6D above for rigging the equipped sword.
This Motor6D acts like normal when applied to the base katana:

But then bugs out on this other sword (Basically same size sword):

Then it decides to work on this next model:

And then last but not least it decides to stop working on this next model, but this time unlike the 2nd one it points upwards:

What I’m trying to say is that for some reason the behaviour of the Motor6D is unconsistent across different models, even though the values are the exact same and the sword sizes are relatively the same and rigged the same way. Is there any way I could get them consistent?

Update: I found the issue, and solved it.

Basically the reason it was acting differently was all dependant on the models orientation in my 3d modeling software (Blender). For example #2 i rotated it 90 degrees in blender, then reimported it into my game and the Motor6D acted accordingly. Very abstract problem so I’m updating in case anyone else runs into this issue.

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