Issue with Rich Text Support for Roblox Chat

So, I added Rich Text Support for the Default Roblox Chat, by adding a line in the :CreateBaseMessage function (Specifically BaseMessage.RichText = true) in the Util Module Script in the MessageCreatorModules in the ClientChatModules Folder.


There’s a slight issue though:

When I test it in the Chat, it works fine:


But the Chat Bubble appears as this:


Is there any way I could make the rich text correspond to the chat bubble?

Here’s an example of what I want to happen:

When I type Hello <font color="#FF0000">World!</font> in Chat, I want this to happen in the chat bubble too:


but I get this instead:


I have no idea how to do this, so if anyone could help me find a way to make the rich text in chat correspond the same way in the chat bubble, that would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

Sadly, the bubble chat is created by CoreScripts and does not allow modification of the RichText property.

try editing the richtext property of the chatbubble after it is created

im pretty sure that the bubble is accessible, but im too lazy to open studio and check right now

listen with .childadded probably

Screenshot (11821)
A GameScript will not be able to access this.

oh with the old chat i think it might have been in playergui before sorry about the misinformation
i never even tried it i was just trying to see if it was possible

Do you know of different way I could do this, since the CoreGui is inaccessible to us?

You would probably have to make your own bubble chat script. You could also fork the CoreScripts responsible for the bubble chat, since the source code for them is in the Studio files. But you would have to change a lot of things so it wouldn’t error from invalid permissions.

There’s sadly no easy way around this, since Chat.SetBubbleChatSettings doesn’t support RichText.

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Alright. Thanks for your help!

Bumping this topic in case anyone has any additional input on how to do this.

Seems like no one does. Thanks for the help everyone!

I’m pretty sure the classic chat has the bubble chat in the PlayerGui.

I will check to see if you are right.

If you are right, you are a complete legend.

Unfortunately, it’s handled on the CoreGui D:

Yeah I just checked. Handled in the CoreGui.

It must have moved after the new chat update, since I know the chat gui was moved there.

Do yoy mind showing me this please?

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