Issue with road colors

I am quite new to building in Studio, so pardon me if this is a simple mistake that can be fixed. I am having issues getting the concrete the same color, want to know if there’s anything I can do to fix this and make it all the same color instead of mixed. Not sure exactly what is going on. Thanks in advance.

I think you might have duplicated that brick, can you show a gif of you moving around while looking at it? if it jitters then i think (emphasis on think) that is the problem, sorry if this doesn’t help.

I think this is a problem with the roblox render engine, it looks as though there are two parts clipping through each other. Since they are both in the same location, the roblox render enging doesn’t know which one to render, so it flickers back and forth between both objects. This can be fixed if you remove one of the parts.

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See if selecting all the parts of the road then unioning them works for you Let me know if this helps. Thank you.

We can confirm that it is two parts overlapping if you show a gif of it.

EDIT: seems like it isn’t jittering. Weird…

Unfortunately I am not able to do unions. Focusing on destruction. Though yes, I believe union would fix this issue.

I have not duplicated any parts that I know of. Though I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you.

Does the color differential happen in-game or only in studio?
Because, it might just be your graphical settings for Studio are causing it to look weird, whereas it game, it’ll render out fine.

It’s happening in both game and studio for some odd reason. Not sure if this issue can be fixed. Thanks though for the suggestion.

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I don’t think it’s just overlapping, though it looks like it might be here
I too have seen adjacent parts somehow appear to be different colours, even though they are the same. I haven’t come across a fix for this yet, but maybe fiddling with the lighting settings might have some effect on it?

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Looks like texture fighting. Make sure no parts are overlapping, and union any that have to. If this doesn’t fix it, try changing Lighting.Technology to Compatibility, and if that fixes it, make a bug request. Also try playing the game on another device, and if that fixes it, it is likely a GPU problem.

Ah, ya know what, I think I might have found your cause. Different grain patterns.

So when you look at these two lines, they’re made up of multiple parts.
The bottom one, when you look close, has disjointed lines between it.

I put hinges on the right side of all of these, and you can see how the bottom line has parts rotated & flipped around, versus the top has everything going one way.

Here are the same two lines again, but now with concrete, and with the bottom line being the ones facing the same way, and the top line being the wacky one:

I recommend using Brick to try and correct your grain patterns, as this will show you which way the grain is tending to go.


So basically make sure all the part rotations are the same?

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Alright I tested it on mobile. Hasn’t fixed the issue… union may work but I won’t do it as the destruction would be limited. I’ll change the lighting now. Thanks for your response.

Tested it, didn’t fix it unfortunately. Wonder what’s going on.

When things are aligned in different ways, the light is reflected in different directions from that.

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This worked! Thank you. I’ll start coming to the DevForums for future advice and tips in the future :smiley:

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Looks like this:

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Yes, sorry, I am new. Will do. image

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