Issue with Roblox API (Get by username)

Hello everyone,
I am using the Roblox API for a discord bot I currently have, I am using exactly this, which the bot requests the username of a player, and returns the id and so on.


This was exactly what I was using, back a few days it was working fine and even today at the morning, but it seems it is no longer working, has it been deprecated? And is there another way to request a players username and to receive the id? Without this, my bot is not going to be able to work anymore.

It basically logged Administrative Actions for transparency for groups that wanted to log them in a channel. Here is an example:


It requested the player’s username, saved the user’s id and then requested through the thumbnails api with the actual user’s id, the avatar thumbnail. But it seems to not be working anymore.

Thank you.

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Oh, thank you really much. I really tried checking in the main for any information but I couldn’t find anything.

So basically it would be replacing it using and the thing I am looking for.

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