Issue with Servo Motor?

I’m making a security system. But I have an issue. The Servo doesn’t go to where it supposed to and abruptly stops.

It supposed to go 45. Instead it goes like 22 until you change it down to 44, and back to 45.

Try using TweenService:

local Servo = --wherver your servo is
local TS = game:GetService("TweenService")
local TI =
local goal = {}
goal.Position =,45,0) --or whatever you want

local tween = TS:Create(Servo, TI, goal)

I’ve already found a fix. Thanks though!

The moving was actually just an example since the player is going to able to look around with the camera using their mouse. However. I found that using AlignPosition and AlignOrientation worked 10x better than a hinge constraint (and I didn’t have to make another part to attach another Servo to)

I’ll mark yours as a solution. Since you were the first one to try to help.

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