Issue with "slippery" rig

While testing my bird rig to see if it works fine, I came across a bug that would make the bird “slippery” There are no scripts inside the model and this only happens when the rig moves.
robloxapp-20210830-1726286.wmv (8.0 MB)

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Sorry, is this like a character model. Like when you say rig. Is it like a player controlling it or an NCP type deal?

Here’s the video if you don’t want to download it: (I uploaded it to streamable)

So their is no scripts inside the bird? Or involving the bird?

Cause this kinda seems like a scripting issue.

It’s most likely a problem with BodyForces building up over time.

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The bird is an npc, and the only script involving the bird is a pathfinding script. But when used with other npcs, they work fine.

Was this bird huge? If so, did you scale it down to be able to be average size in roblox?