Issue with slow uploading times with Images

Within the past week I and several others have encountered seriously long upload times regarding image assets on Studio. I’ve switched to the website to upload towards, but it’s seriously inefficient and in reality is slow as well, but not as slow as Studio. I’ve had a few friends have similar issues, with one claiming that they had a single image that took nearly ten minutes to upload on Studio. Now this issue is on and off, and is never continuous.

This isn’t a bug report yet, I’m more so posting this to confirm with others that they’re having these issues as well.

And yes, I’ve checked my own internet. Unfortunately that’s not the issue, I’ve been running 700 Mbps at all times. With the exception of my internet being down the other day. Not only that but every image I upload is <200x200 pixels.

The reason it takes so long is how roblox handles uploads on their server. Keep in mind that uploading an image or asset is being uploaded to roblox’s servers. This problem is also prevalent on other platforms as well like YouTube for example.

The issue is uploading to Roblox is with nearly 20 Kilobyte images, while Youtube are Gigabytes worth of videos? Roblox has always been instantaneous with these uploads, except for this past week.