Issue with SpawnLocations spawning players above non-collidable parts

I have tried using a custom spawning system, however, I want to seek a method that does not require this.

Essentially, the SpawnLocation is inside a non-collidable, transparent part. These non-collidable, transparent parts are for location naming purposes. However, when the player spawns, it spawns the player on top of the non-collidable part, instead of the actual SpawnLocation.

The arrow indicates the intended spawn location, while the circle displays where the player actually spawns.

Any help is appreciated as I do not see much posts about this matter, and I am sure plenty of games utilize these massive invisible parts for their game. Thank you in advance

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Try using negate and union to make a cut in the non-collidable region so player’s can spawn in. May I ask what the part is there for?

These non-collidable, transparent parts are for location naming purposes.

I would use a region3 instead.

instead of having a spawnlocation, teleport them to the part when they join

disable the canquery property and if you’re using this part for stuff like region3 then use workspace:GetPartBoundsInBox

Disabling CanQuery does not fix this issue natively, unfortunately.

I want to attempt to find a solution that doesn’t involve making a custom character-loading script. I’ve already tried that, and it caused some issues, so anything that doesn’t involve that would be great.

I have tried that originally, however, it is very resource heavy to use since there’s a lot of parts in one region. Currently, I get the touching parts of the HumanoidRootPart, since it’s only a few instead of a few hundred or even thousands from a single region.

I tried recreating this problem but wasn’t able to. Are you sure the part is non-collidable and both parts are anchored?

Yes. Try making the part bigger perhaps?

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