Issue with StreamingEnabled and Character morphing

Hello! I’ve made a post last week on an issue we have on our game, you can find more information here (Player stuck on ground after morphing) but I’ll try to summarize it for anyone that won’t read the post: We’re having players choose their favourite superhero by walking on a button that’s in front of a superhero rig. What happens next is that the player gets teleported on the map (based on random spawnpoints) and morphs into the rig of the superhero.

The issue we encountered is this: (the player gets glitched in the ground and can’t run or jump on the map, I can still use my powers but if I do after a while the player becomes all frozen-like and stops moving at all, similar to the PlatformStand option, which was not the cause of our issue)

After trying out all possible solutions and suggestions, I made a simple test place and started integrating our game gradually, so as to isolate the root cause of the issue. After integrating a substantial portion of our game and constantly checking the differences between the test and the game places, I couldn’t replicate the issue on the test place after several tries. However, the StreamingEnabled option for the test place was not on, and as soon as I turned it on, the issue was happening again.

After digging a bit into what StreamingEnabled does and potential problems (mainly teleporting and loading map parts) I haven’t found a correlation between this option and the morphing of a player or altering/changing the body parts of a player.

Has anyone encountered something similar to this? Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome! :slight_smile:

The map collisions look fine but the player seems to have a broken humanoid-ish issue, but I don’t know how this could be related to streaming enabled. WHat is the humanoid state of the player when they are like that?

That’s the strange thing, the issue was non-existent in the test place but StreamingEnabled was off but as soon as I turned it on, then it happened again. The other weird thing is that the issue never appeared in Studio but always when I was playing the game on Roblox Player. I had some prints to check about the HumanoidRootPart, if the PlatformStand option was true but none of this was the case, the humanoid state is the same as it is before the issue happens.

You should verify the humanoid’s hipheight is set properly + make sure the player has network ownership of its character (but this doesn’t look like the issue).

Hipheight is adjusted automatically, I’ve tested this option before and that wasn’t the cause. I’ll look into the network ownership because someone else suggested it as well!