Issue with TweenService

I was trying to move an entire Model by using a TweenService and the PrimaryPart of the model, the issue is that only the PrimaryPart moves
I tried to Weld all, Setting only the PrimaryPart as Anchored but nothing works

Any tips?
Also i’m sure i did something like that before

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I think this can help you pretty well

I think i’m doing something wrong but welding the parts doesn’t make them move like one, the PrimaryPart is still the one who moves and the other parts stay still in air

Did you check out the video?

Im sure till help you out

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are you using CFrame to move the primary part, im pretty sure tweening the position property only moves the one part

You could use loops.

while wait() do
      model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(model.PrimaryPart.CFrame *,0,0))
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I noticed that i skipped an important part, thank you for the help!

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dude you dont know how much it means to me to help people that are struggling, im so glad you got it to work even though i didnt directly help you :blush: