Issue with Viewmodel aiming from EgoMoose tutorial [ SOLVED ]

I’ve been making a custom Viewmodel system, and following EgoMooses tutorial to work on the aiming, however I’ve run into an issue where it just doesn’t move into the right position.

The difference between me and the tutorial is that my Viewmodel uses animations and EgoMooses uses CFrames to position the arms, which makes the Handle the “center part” where the camera originates from. This means that my Viewmodel system does not have a offset value, since it’s already made in the animation.

First the Viewmodel is copied, then the gun model is copied and pasted into the Viewmodel. The gun is connected to the RightHand by a Motor6D, and the rootpart connects to the Connector part so that the RootPart always stays at the cameras position, and the Connector is the moving part.




Any help would be appreciated since I’ve been scouring the devforum and I’ve spent 2 days trying to get this to work only for it to work ALMOST and then not at all. ( Yes I’ve googled and I’ve tried every method other than the one in the tutorial )

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