Issue with WaistConstraint set up

I am trying to use a BallSocketConstraint with an IKControl object to animate a character to look at a point. I want to use a constraint to prevent the waist from moving about too much.The issue I’m running to is that the BallSocketConstraint refuses to work!

Here is how I’m setting it up with code

local function CreateAttachment(name: String, parent: Attachment, cframe: CFrame?)
	local attachment ="Attachment")
	attachment.Name = name 
	if cframe then 
		attachment.CFrame = cframe
	attachment.Parent = parent 
	return attachment

local function CreateConstraint(name: String, type: String, attachment0: Attachment, attachment1: Attachment, parent)
	local constraint =
	constraint.Name = name 
	constraint.Attachment0 = attachment0
	constraint.Attachment1 = attachment1
	constraint.Parent = parent
	return constraint

function CharacterPivotController:StartAnimation(character: Model)
    self.Animating = true 
    self.Character = character

	local waistAttachment0 = CreateAttachment("WaistConstraintAttachment0", character.LowerTorso.WaistRigAttachment,
	local waistAttachment1 = CreateAttachment("WaistConstraintAttachment1", character.UpperTorso.WaistRigAttachment,*CFrame.Angles(0,0,math.rad(90)))
	local constraint = CreateConstraint("WaistConstraint", "BallSocketConstraint", waistAttachment0, waistAttachment1, character.UpperTorso)
	constraint.Enabled = true
	constraint.LimitsEnabled = true
	constraint.TwistLimitsEnabled = true 
	constraint.UpperAngle = 20 
	constraint.TwistUpperAngle = 20 
	constraint.TwistLowerAngle = -20

	local ik ="IKControl")
	ik.Parent = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
	-- or "AnimationController" if your character has that
	ik.Type = Enum.IKControlType.LookAt
	ik.EndEffector = character:FindFirstChild("Head", true)
	ik.ChainRoot = character:FindFirstChild("UpperTorso", true)

	ik.Target = self.ikTarget


The active property of the ballsocketconstraint never turns on and the character ends up flopping about like a fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!