Issues when importing FBX into Roblox HELP

Recently I have been working hard on a mesh for my game and it’s my first time doing textures in Blender. To import the model I used a .FBX file so it would keep the textures. This is what my model looks like in Blender:

And I used a color palette and I scaled the UV down to zero so I could select parts of the model and drag the uv to the color, also the color pallet is set to closest in shading so the color would be the color the uv is on:

when I imported it to Roblox it looked like this:

I set aside the fact that some of it was purple thinking it was fine. But then the next time I loaded up the game it looked like this:

I tried reimporting it to see if that would fix it but it still looked the same, I also tried importing the color pallet into Roblox and setting the model’s texture to the color palette but it still looked the same. In the import model menu it shows up with the correct textures but still with the purple part as well:

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This is weird, i dont know what this could be. It must be something with the UV’s.

Thank you so much for even trying to answer I’ve been dying :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Is it possible for you to give a small sample of your model? I can try it on my end. It probably has something to do with UVs though.

Ok! here u go
rocklake_Sample_fixed.blend (1.1 MB)
Here’s the pallet if u need it:

Apple the palette to the shading tab

Alright, I found the problem.
The color palettes resolution is too low. I think Roblox does compression stuff and just mixes the colors.
I’ve made your color palette much bigger, you can apply this one instead and try uploading again.



****Character Limit lol sssssdasd**

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But then can you explain why it worked the first time I imported it?

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