Issues with ChatService:Chat

Hello, I’ve recently noticed an issue in my game when chatting, that I didn’t really know it was happening or if it just started happening.

I’ve searched and tried some ways of fixing this issue but nothing seems to be working.

I got a .Changed event inside of a local script that fires whenever a certain value changes. When the event is fired, a bubble chat appears on top of a part (radio) and the text appears.
The issue here is:

  1. when I speak before the bubble chat appears on the radio (that means a bubble chat appears on my head after I spoke), the event will fire and even though the targeted part when using ChatService:Chat() is the radio, the text appear on my head.

  2. when I speak after the function got fired (ChatService:Chat()), MY bubble chat appears on the radio even though it shouldn’t do that. So it’s basically vice versa with the above.

I’m not really sure if I’m doing something to cause this, but it’s a basic .Changed event with a :Chat function into it.

	local radio = PlayerLocal.Character.UpperTorso.UpperTorso:FindFirstChild("Radio") -- radio location (dont mind double UpperTorso, it's supposed to be this way)
	if not radio then return end
	ChatService:Chat(radio, Text)

I’m not really sure if that’s a bug, so even if it was I can’t post there anyways, so all help is appreciated.

(this is happening only when the target is inside of my Character, not outside)

Thank you.

(if something confused you I will make sure to explain it better for you)