Issues With Client-Sided Objects and Player Positions

So I’ve been working on this obby game (similar to JTOH) and have had issues with keeping the client’s position in sync with the server’s. This can result in the player just freezing in place for both the server and other clients until the specific part of the obby is completed.

Here’s some screenshots of the issue:


Just to mention some objects that are permanently loaded do work (most objects that aren’t loaded when a tower is started)

I’ve been searching through similar topics but couldn’t really find any similar issues

Here’s the script being used for loading the objects (sorry for the mess)
COLoader.txt (11.6 KB)

What I’m looking for here is just a solution to keep the player’s position the same for all clients while retaining the client objects.
If anyone needs additional information or anything just let me know!

Is it that much of an issue that it doesn’t update, even in jtoh itself, when you go on a zipline for example, on everyone else’s screen you freeze until you jump off at the other end

True, though it would be cool if that didnt happen

yeah, I’m sorry but I don’t have a ton of suggestions on how to do this, ill check back later