Issues with Donations

My chest shows earnings - it claims that I’ve earned 610 R$ (not 750 R$ like in pic cuz I did 2 test purchases for 1 R$ which still added +70 to the chest GUI.

However, when I go to ‘Line Item’ section of group funds, it says that nobody has ever donated with that chest (except me for testing), it’s not even in Pending Sales.

During testing, after I did donate with chest, it would successfully go to my group funds and show there.
The number wouldn’t increase if anything else gets purchased like game passes and other DevProducts or if purchase fails, so it sounds like it’s not issue with chest itself.

So the question is - where are all my donated R$? Or is the chest bugged and it’s randomly increasing donated R$ number? (I can send script if needed)

( - line items
(don’t mind 25 R$ donate, that’s from screen GUI donation, not chest, red dots are my tests).

( - screenshot of the chest in the game

P.S. Sorry if you didn’t understand something, English isn’t my native language

In your code are you verifying the purchase actually went through with something like MarketplaceService.PromptPurchaseFinished?

Yes, the code will add those 70 R$ to the total donated number only if purchase went through. If it gets canceled, then it wouldn’t add. I checked if it will add just by clicking on it, but it wouldn’t do that.