Issues with Motor6Ds

So after recent updates I’ve noticed that motors seem to completely freeze in one state. For example, a model which all of its parts are welded together and not anchored, will act as if all the parts within the model have been anchored since there is no interaction being made with the model, and makes it seem as if physics are anchoring all the parts, which leads to the issue of the motor animations freezing.

I’ve heard others are experiencing this issue as well, particularly with aircraft flight systems which heavily rely on motors to create the necessary animations.

Hopefully this is just a bug or glitch, and not something that Roblox has decided to implement since it definitely isn’t the best of choices in my opinion.


Can you please provide an example such as a video of this happening. It would really help me understand what’s really going on. Thanks.

Here you can see the motors only respond if I interact with the model i.e. try to push it.