Issues with painting gui system?

Hello, I am planning on creating a game where drawing/painting is a big part of it, I want to avoid using a “pixel” kind of system and instead want a more smooth/fine line system similar really to what is featured in Copyrighted Artists - Roblox .

To achieve this I did some research to try figure out how these kind of systems and found a YouTube video by HowToRoblox ( How to Make a PAINT GUI in ROBLOX! - YouTube) and upon opening the place file and testing it myself I noticed that while it’s smooth if you move the cursor slowly, else it is jumpy and creates dots.

I’ve attached a video to help explain what I mean, could anyone help me with this?


The best way to go about this is to fill in each the last dot and the new dot with more dots based on the magnitude inbetween them, ill try to make a concept soon.
Will get back to you if im successful.

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Okay so in my game Idiotic Investing

I just calculated the last Position with the current one

and fill in the gap with also a rotation value

local Distance = (LastP-CurrentPos).Magnitude
		local Mid = (LastP+CurrentPos)/2
		local p ="Part")
		p.CFrame =,0,CurrentPos.Y),,0,LastP.Y))

		if Distance < BrushSize/4 then
			Distance = BrushSize/4

		CP.Size = UDim2.fromScale(
			(Distance) / script.Parent.AbsoluteSize.X  + paint.Size.X.Scale,
		CP.Rotation = (p.Orientation.Y *-1) + 90

then make sure you position it with the Mid value

CP.Position = Convert(CP,Mid.X,Mid.Y) -- convert is a function that converts offset to scale

Hi mew and thank you for finishing it for me cause i was lost

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Exactly what I was looking for - thank you. Have a great day!

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