Issues with rust like Directions frame/Compass

Hello, I have a directions frame/compass kind of like rust. I have got the camera angle of the player from 0 - 360.

I have 2 frames, Base and Frame. Base has Clip descendants on, Frame doesn’t but it has all the elements.

How can I make the frame move to display the current angle / direction the player is facing

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

local Gui = script.Parent
local Window, Compass = Gui.Window, Gui.Base
-- Compass has clip on, Compass.Frame doesn't (Compass.Frame has all the elements)

local function getCameraAngle()
	local cameraCFrame = camera.CFrame
	local lookVector = cameraCFrame.LookVector
	local angle = math.atan2(-lookVector.X, -lookVector.Z)
	local degrees = math.deg(angle)

	if degrees < 0 then
		degrees = degrees + 360
	degrees = math.floor(degrees)
	local Frame = Compass.Frame
	Frame.Position =, X, 0.5, 0)