Issues with sending data and making copy to add in inventory gui

I’m having troubles to make my item appear fully with the name of it and why it’s not appearing.

This is what I’m seeing and what the code looks like.

so you want the picture to be the full size of the darker gray?

if yes then you should probably make the darker gray background a different size like more of a square

can i see your output are there any errors? also maybe try adding a text label on the right with color of your choice and the same background transparency. it would take longer though

I looked and there is no error for some reason

can i please see your explorer

sure ill show u my output and explorer

it also looks like you have a
local itemFrame = script.Parent:WaitForChild(“ItemFrame”)
what is the parent of the script and it’s name

Capture25 Capture24

alr here is what I see

btw none of those errors are from the inventory Gui

i am looking at it and it is way more complex then i though. i’m sorry but i don’t think i can help you. ;(
but one thing the button called sample shouldn’t be in a local script

alr well thanks anyways for trying dude

OHHHHH I found what the problem was omg im dumb sorry for wasting your time dude

Try setting the frame’s parent inside the createFrame function.

it’s fine I figured it out but thanks