Issues with smooth animating

  1. What do you want to achieve? Make something of a good and smooth animation, something like an object spinning in a perfect circle, or an arch type of animation.

  2. What is the issue? Can’t make much smooth animations with keyframes in animators.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Tried putting keyframes very close to each other (did not end up working as well, looked laggy.)

I would assume there could be some other way to animate objects with scripts, but I would need a way to export animations, so if there are any suggestions for ways to make smoother animations with animators, or other plugins, that would be helpful.

am entire model spinning in a circle or perfect arch is better handled by a tween or cframe script. The animation editor is for moving parts within a model, like an avatar’s arm.

If you are trying to make a smooth spin of a body part, the best bet is to pick an evenly spaced set of keyframes (eg 10,20,30,40) and rotate the part 90 degrees in each keyframe. The animator does the rest.

Which are you trying to animate? Feel free to add a video of the animation you are trying to fix.

I tried to make somewhat of a head bobbing hovering type run, like crawlers or something.
Tried making everyone go slightly in a circle, mostly an oval, you know. Also wanted the crystal hands to spin opposite directions of each other, but towards the head.

That looks pretty fantastic! It looks like an attack, though you probably would want to speed it up. If you want to smooth a fast animation out, try a higher FPS.

Thank you! I’ll try the FPS method some time and reply back for feedback.

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Just in general, as you develop your animation, you can search for “animation frames” of something similar to what you are doing (attacks, horseback riding, etc) and try to mimic it. I still do that when I can. I have also picked up a stick and looked at myself in the mirror for perspective.

Remember that the whole body moves with the inertia. As you pull your hand back to strike, your shoulder turns, your body swings back, and your head stays pointing forward. You can double the length of your strike attack just by leaning into it. Even leaving the animation the same length, you can make it faster by increasing the distance travelled.

This guy doesn’t have attached arms, but you could still follow that momentum and twist the torso just a bit as he strikes. His arms also look like drills, so maybe have them strike repeatedly or even alternatively in the same spot in the middle, lunging forward while he jumps.

Every little bit you add to the motion will speed it up. Have fun! Lets see what you can do!

Update: I decided to change to normal character rigs, cause it was easier for me, and also a little less time consuming (because I have school).

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