Issues with Widgets & Zooming

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I’m currently having issues with Roblox Studio,
First of all, I can’t zoom in / out by scrolling with the middle mouse button / scroll wheel, this issue only happens in one game. (I can’t really show an example for this one, and no, my scroll wheel is not broken.)
Secondly, the scripting “widget” (I don’t know if it’s called a widget since it should cover the entire screen when opened) always goes to the left of my screen, and never the center when I open it, here’s a screenshot of it, since OBS doesn’t want to work for some reason:

Sorry if the photo isn’t very descripting, what I’m trying to say is when I double click / open a script it always goes to the right of my screen, I’ve tried re-installing Roblox Studio, trying different games, etc, but nothing seems to work.

Grab the tab where the script is (in your case where it says the script name Abilities) and left click hold and drag it toward the workspace. You can now place it where ever you want, and resize it as well.
There should also be a + sign icon in the middle of the screen with 3 boxes in it. While dragging the Script tab over the boxes it’ll dock with the left side, full screen, or right side. You can resize the docked window bigger or smaller by dragging the edges left or right.
If you want it to sit on top of your Workspace you can drag it anywhere and resize it by left clicking and dragging the edges of the window.
The setup should

Sorry if I wasn’t very descriptive,
I know how to dock widgets and stuff, except when I do dock the scripting widget to the center, then close it, it resets it’s position back to the right, is there a setting or something to change the default docking position / where it docks itself when you open it?

Ah, k. Just covering the basics since lots of times people give one sentence answers assuming the other person is a mind reader and knows exactly what they are referring to. :slight_smile:

There’s been this post and others that seem to cover everyone’s complaints and workarounds for the ‘new’ setup.
Docking Updates [Full Release]

I liked the old version where you could dock your stuff where you wanted it, without the auto docking feature. A few windows on my 2nd screen creep up and slightly left every single time I open Studio. If I don’t reset them each time the tops disappear off the top of the monitor…

Hm, I’ve looked through it and there’s nothing talking about a default docking place for widgets, do you know if that’s even possible?

Edit: I fixed the issue with zooming, by deleting the camera

The floating windows on second display drifting is a known issue that has existed before the new docking scheme. We have tickets for it and have been able to repro. Unfortunately we just haven’t had the bandwidth to get a fix put together. I’ll bump the ticket though.

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You have probably split the Center region which is the only place scripts and Viewport can be. To resolve it I would recommend:

  • Ensure only one instance of Studio is running
  • Close all panels on the left of the Viewport.
  • Then open a single script
  • Grab that scripts tab and drag it to be tabbed with the Viewport
  • Open another script to double check that also opens tabbed, not split
  • Restart Studio (this will save your layout)
  • Make sure when you place any other panels to the left side they are being dropped into West-0 or West-1 vs splitting Center.


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