It is difficult to identify test players using Start Server (F7)

For developers who use Display Names, it is really difficult to identify test players generated from using Start Server (F7).

Recently (I’m not exactly sure when) these test players’ DisplayName were set to “Player”. As a result the players’ nametags were changed to “Player”, which makes things sort of difficult to identify during testing. I understand that this is intentional behavior, but it’s disruptive with workflow at the moment.

Granted, there are ways to make sure which player you’re working with. But to my knowledge every way seems to be time-consuming and / or tedious. There’s nothing that could match the window to the player at a glance unless it’s created by the developer.

The Request:
I think it would be pretty awesome if there was some way for me to be able to identify a window to a test player in Start Server (F7). Something where we can just catch which player we’re working with from a glance. This would help quite a bit for someone like me with room to display multiple test players on one screen, as well as save time from having to go through multiple actions.


This is still really painful. Before this change it was much easier to test in studio.