It is Impossible to Search on Mobile

Reproduction Steps

  1. Visit Learn Roblox
  2. Open up the search bar and attempt to submit a query.

Galaxy J7 Sky Pro, Samsung Internet

Please note that this has occured only twice and that I was unable to capture a video nor am I 100% certain of the particular circumstance it took to make this bug occur.

I have tried multiple times to recreate this instance but I am still unsure how it happened.

If you are experiencing this bug and have a repro, replies are greatly appreciated.

Expected Behavior
I expect to successfully submit a query.

Actual Behavior
I am unable to submit any queries, and as a result am unable to search for any articles.

No articles are recommended no matter the query, the website’s search bar does nothing, and the keyboard search bar does nothing.

Use Google rather than the search bar within the website.

Issue Area: DevHub Website
Page URL: Learn Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Rarely
Date First Experienced: 2021-07-17 01:07:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-07-17 01:07:00 (-07:00)


Samsung Galaxy Note 8,
the search bar works just well for me. Typed "y" and got Mouse.Y plus more search results.

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I actually got this problem back in February. It’s impact is low for me since I now only use my laptop to go onto the dev hub.

I use a Redmi 6

It does happen rarely

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