It is passing StarterGui backgroundcolor3 instead of PlayerGui backgroundcolor3

Greetings once again.

Currently, I am creating a panel to change colors of bricks using a table and remoteevents.

In the following remoteevent, I am trying to change the brick color ( called background1 ) by getting the backgroundcolor3 of a frame.

However, instead of getting the PlayerGui backgroundcolor3 of the frame, it is getting me the StarterGui backgroundcolor3 of the frame.


StarterGui: image

PlayerGui: image

The ScreenGui backgroundcolor3 is always white anyway so it prints me 1,1,1 while the PlayerGui backgroundcolor3 has the colors I want.

Any comments appreciated!

Is the BackgroundColor3 changed client-side? If so, the server cannot see these changes and therefore only sees the BackgroundColor3 it was originally.

To fix this, I would suggest including the current BackgroundColor3 in the FireServer arguments when you call it client-side then you can receive it as a parameter in the OnServerEvent callback.

Yes I now used the arguments/parameter to pass them from client to server, thank you or enlightening me.

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